Bottles thrown, racial slur yelled at man in West Campus

Tucker Sauer and Lucas Henderson, the suspects accused of throwing bottles and racial slurs on Leon Street (APD Photo)
Tucker Sauer and Lucas Henderson, the suspects accused of throwing bottles on Leon Street (APD Photo)

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Two men were arrested Saturday evening in West Campus for allegedly throwing bottles at a man walking on the street beneath the suspects’ apartment. The victim said the suspects shouted racial slurs at him.

The incident happened around 7:22 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 20 in the 2500 block of Leon Street.

The officer was dispatched to a disturbance call stating that three white males threw bottles at the caller, who is black, and yelled racial slurs.

Police arrived to find the victim and two witnesses; the suspects were not on the street when police arrived, but the officer did notice several broken bottles in the street directly under the suspects’ apartment.

Authorities say a fight almost broke out in the intersection of Leon Street and W. 25th 1/2 Street, which is also where the broken bottles were found.

The victim told police that the three men threw the bottles while yelling “F— you, n—–!” He also said the three came down to fight after he told them he was calling police. He gave the officers descriptions of the three men: one wearing an Astros jersey, the second wearing an orange University of Texas shirt and the third wearing a blue button-up shirt. The officer says he drove only 30 feet down the road when a call came over the radio that the suspects were on their balcony, looking down at police; the suspects then went quickly inside.

When police were in the apartment garage waiting to go up the elevator, two of the suspects — who matched the first two descriptions given — came down the stairs. Police identified them as Tucker Sauer, 21, and Lucas Henderson, 20

Police say they never made contact with suspect #3, who Henderson and neighbors identified as “Danny.” He did not answer his phone or door.

Henderson changed his story twice, police say, and denied going down to the street to fight the victim. Sauer told police he had been drinking and didn’t know what happened, but he admitted to being on the balcony.

The officer noted that both suspects were swaying while they stood and both had a strong odor of alcohol on their breaths, as well as slurring their speech. Both told police that they had been “partying all day.”

The victim told police he didn’t know which of the three yelled the racial slur at him, but he saw both Henderson and Sauer throw glass bottles, narrowly missing him. He told police that the suspect identified as “Danny” was the calmest of the three, but also came down to the street, yelling.

When interviewed, the witnesses told police they did not know each other, the victim or the suspects. Both witnesses confirmed the victim’s version of events, with one saying he defended the victim when a fight almost broke out.

Police placed Henderson and Sauer under arrest for public intoxication and deadly conduct.

While the victim and Sauer’s names appear in the University of Texas student registry, the university and police said they were not able to confirm if the people involved were students at UT.


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