5-Year-Old Boy Battling Cancer Proposes to His Favorite Nurse

It was at the young age of five that Gideon Robinson became a superhero.635910628259042805-5yoproposes.JPG

The day doctors put a port device into the cancer patient’s tiny chest to pump him full of chemotherapy treatment, he transformed into “Ironman.”

At least, that’s what his mother told him.

What his mom didn’t realize — she wasn’t lying. Her “Iron” Gideon really did have superpowers.

“For a 5-year-old, he’s pretty confident,” his mother, Sosy Robinson, told CBS News.

Three months after Gideon was diagnosed with leukemia, he made a life-changing decision. He was going to ask his favorite nurse, who he called “Tall Sarah,” to marry him inside Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

Last week, Gideon asked another nurse whether or not nurse Sarah was married.

“She let him know that she wasn’t, but really wants to be — and jokingly said to him that he should ask her,” Robinson explained. “He immediately said, ‘I’ll marry her.'”

The nurse brought the little boy some craft supplies, and he got to work. After forming a pink and white pipe cleaner into a perfect circle, Gideon hand-picked a purple heart-shaped bead to use as the stone.

“I thought it was super sweet,” Robinson recalled.

On the special day, Robinson asked her son: “How are you going to ask her to marry you?”

“I’m going to bend down,” replied Gideon, while getting down on one knee. “I’m gonna say, ‘Sarah, would you have that…'”

The courageous 5-year-old then headed for the nurse station to meet his potential bride-to-be.

A tall dark-haired nurse met him.

“What’s up, bud? Are we going to have a dance party?” she asked, waving her hands in the air.

“Do it,” others encouraged Gideon.

The boy quickly got down on one knee and opened a purple box, which held the pipe cleaner engagement ring.

“Would you marry me?” he asked.

“Of course! You can be my hospital husband,” exclaimed the nurse, as she place the ring on her finger.

The pair sealed the engagement with a tight hug.

Tall Sarah” danced while showing the other nurses her bright purple ring.

“She was the first nurse that took the most care of him when he was first diagnosed [with leukemia] and spent 11 days in the hospital,” Robinson said. “He was very sick and scared so he wasn’t his usual outgoing, happy self — and she managed to make his day with her fun personality.”

The dynamic duo make a perfect team.

Gideon hopes their future together will be full of dance parties, laughs and — of course — Legos.


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