Secular TV 1/30/16 notes.

ARLINGTON — Police are entering day three of their investigation into a deadly road rage incident along Interstate 30 in Arlington. They want justice not only for the victim’s family, but also for her best friend who watched from the passenger seat as the fatal shots rang out.

“I can’t even close my eyes without even thinking about that moment. It just happened so fast. Keep replaying in my head like over and over,” Jasmine Thomas said.

Former PANTERA frontman Philip Anselmo has denied being racist after a new video surfaced of him giving the right-arm salute and yelling a white-supremacist slogan at a California concert.

Anselmo took part in last Friday’s (January 22) Dimebash event at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood and ended the show by giving what appeared to be a Nazi salute and screaming the words “white power” to the crowd.

Freedom of speech???
Political Correctness run gone wild???
Reverse SJWism???

More than a dozen high school students were suspended from St. Ignatius College Preparatory in San Francisco after they took part in a racist-themed party at Stern Grove in the Outer Sunset, school officials said Thursday.

The party, which took place Saturday at the city recreation area and was promoted through social media, was themed a “wigga party” and was attended by students from at least five high schools including St. Ignatius, said Principal Patrick Ruff.

The slang term “wigga” combines the word “white” and a racial epithet and refers to a white person who attempts to emulate African American culture by drawing on stereotypes of clothing and mannerisms.

“It’s disheartening and incredibly sad this type of thing exists not just for SI, but for the entire city,” Ruff said, noting that the 14 students involved had been suspended as soon as administrators learned of the party. “This really is a critical juncture for us.”

Ruff said the school has put an emphasis on social justice issues for years, and that he hoped last weekend’s incident could provide lasting lessons at the school.

“We work really hard to educate our young men and women on issues of equity and inclusion,” Ruff said. “We’ve been doing this work for years, but now we have a concrete example that will give us an opportunity to have a conversation.”

The school takes the issues seriously enough, Ruff said, that in 2010 it appointed Matthew Balano as director of the Office of Equity and Inclusion. It focuses on diversity at the school, where African Americans account for just under 5 percent of the student body, compared with 55 percent for white students.
Balano said he’s been in contact with students this week, and that they are justifiably upset.

“There’s a feeling of sadness and disappointment, but there’s trust that we are working hard to get this right,” Balano said. “This is a very messy thing, but we’re doing our best to get through this.”

Nahrie Pierce, a 17-year-old senior at the school and president of the Black Student Union, said she became aware of the party on Saturday night while it was going on, when some of the students posted pictures to social media. She got in contact with some of her African American classmates, who collectively decided they needed to take action and ultimately went to Balano.

Even with the relatively small black population at the school, Pierce said she and others in the Black Student Union work hard to make the school a welcome place for people of all ethnicities.

“Sometimes it can be difficult, but we have clubs and groups like the Black Student Union and we try hard to create space for our African American students. It’s not surprising to me,” she said of the party. “But we’re trying to change that.”

Reaction at the school has been mixed, students said, with some feeling the suspensions were an overreaction to a teenage mistake, while others called for the students to be expelled.

What’s with the reverse, reverse racism though???

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– We’ve all heard of children being disciplined with a time out, but Eagan police are investigating whether a Kinder Care Daycare may have given a child a time out – outside during a recent cold spell.

The Kinder Care on Town Center Drive in Eagan advertises itself as a safe place for kids while their parents are at work or school, but employees are alleged to have left one of those children out in the cold.

A concerned citizen called police around noon on Tuesday to report a 4-year-old girl was standing outside the building — without a coat — because she had been screaming in

“Punishing a child by putting them outside in single digit temperatures is obviously not ok. So that’s what we are trying to determine if that’s what happened,” said Officer Aaron Machtemes of the Eagan Police Department.

Investigators don’t know how long the girl was outside, but they say she did not need medical attention. They are talking to staff and the girl’s parents to figure out what happened and if this is a regular form of discipline at the school.

“It all depends on circumstances of how out of control the child was. Why the child was taken outside in the first place. How long the child was outside. All those factors would go into whether or not there is a criminal charge,” Machtemes said.

Some say they’ve seen the staff give children time outs, but never outside in freezing temperatures.

“I don’t believe anyone here would discipline a child like that or that that is how a child should be disciplined in anyway. Anywhere,” said a parent whose child attends Kinder Care.

The State Department of Human Services says it is also investigating the daycare, but data privacy laws prevent it from saying what the investigation is about until it’s over. In a circumstance like this it would see if there were any license violations like failure to supervise a child or neglect.

Illinois State Attorney candidate refuses to apologize for Tiger Woods ‘blackface’ costume

Ed Glazar, the former lead Kankakee County public defender who is now running for state’s attorney, on Monday tried to explain away a 2010 Halloween photo that shows him dressed up like a battered Tiger Woods.

But what has given fuel to his opponents — and has drawn protest from the county’s NAACP chapter — is that Glazar was in blackface, hearkening back to a style of performance borne out of the days of slavery. Persisting for decades, white performers used black paint or shoe polish to cover their face and act out insulting black stereotypes.

Glazar said the costume he wore was part of a couple’s costume party at his home. His wife, Jan, played the part of Woods’ ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, and the gag was more of a comment on Woods’ celebrity, and the salacious story of Nordegren attacking him with a 9-iron.

“Jan and I don’t have a racist bone in our bodies,” Glazar said. “This was not a negative portrayal of a black person. SNL did a very similar spoof on it.”

The photo had been in plain sight on Jan’s Facebook page for the past several years, and Glazar said he suspects that Democratic candidate Jim Rowe is using it for leverage in the race.

“Sleazy politics is making me sick to my stomach,” he said. “But I’m not going to let him threaten me from running for a job that he’s not capable of handling.”

Rowe, who came close to defeating current State’s Attorney Jamie Boyd in the 2012 election, denies leaking the photo, which began making its rounds over the weekend before going up on the website for WVLI on Monday morning.

“Crime is an issue in Kankakee County,” Rowe said. “We want victims and families to come forward to work with law enforcement. And this undermines those efforts.”

Emile Capriotti, the other Republican running for state’s attorney, made only a brief comment.

“I wouldn’t dress up in blackface,” said Capriotti, a public defender who worked under Glazar for years. “I don’t want to pile on. Maybe people don’t know what that signifies for blacks.”

Theodis Pace, the president of the local chapter of the NACCP, is calling for Glazar, who has spent more than 30 years defending poor blacks in Kankakee County, to bow out of the race.

“The conduct is unacceptable,” Pace said. “I don’t think it can be tolerated in 2016.”

Steven Beckett, a law professor at the University of Illinois, said Glazar’s predicament sounds like more of a side effect of politics.

“It’s almost as, if in this day and age, that lawyers can’t have a little fun,” Beckett said. “I assume this wasn’t done with the intent of harm. If there’s a racial motive behind it, then yes, there should be consequences. But I truly don’t see anything that’s in violation of ethics.

“This is an incredible circumstance that can only happen in an election year, my goodness. Lawyers have to learn to be more conscious about social media. You can’t have a sense of humor anymore. Somebody is going to take it the wrong way and make something of it that wasn’t intended.”

Wanda James is the Sole Black Woman Entrepreneur in Colorado’s Legalized Marijuana Boom.



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