Cis woman, accused of being a “boy,” was manhandled and kicked out of a women’s bathroom; sues

LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — We knew this was coming. In fact, I was waiting for it — more ammunition to add to the growing pile of evidence confirming the absurdity of “bathroom bills.”  This time, proponents will see how it can bite back and hit them in the pocketbook.

The cis woman, Cortney Bogorad, was kicked out of Detroit’s Fishbones restaurant after she attempted to use the women’s bathroom. A security guard pushed her up against the wall and accused her of being a “boy.”

Bogorad on WXYZ-TV: “As I came out of the stall, this gentleman – who was a security guard – came in the bathroom, and before I was even completely out of the bathroom he grabbed me by the arms and pushed me up against the wall, told me that boys aren’t allowed in this restroom. . . .”

Bogorad filed a lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court last week.


I hope Bogorad gets a bundle.

It is quite clear, in order for bathroom bills to work, everybody, including cis people, will need to be subject to a pants inspection. The next time a legislator proposals a bathroom bill, shove this down their throat.

Current status of “bathroom bills”:


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