If you’ve ever watched an LFL game, the second thing you notice is the brutality. Players run hard, throw hard and hit hard on every single play, yielding a surprisingly entertaining product. (We say “surprisingly”only because we’d assumed that it’d be more difficult to run around tackling people when you’re essentially naked.) In fact, the LFL almost feels like the missing link between rugby and American football. Were it not for all the clevage and buttcheeks spilling out of the league-appointed uniforms, you might actually consider it a legitimate professional sport.

Alas, the league’s marketing wing is clearly more focused on wowing you with sex than sacks. No shocker there.

But there’s something particularly creepy about the videos they post to their YouTube channel ranking players by hotness, which feature a porny-sounding narrator who describes each woman’s sexiest attributes.

“Alli Alberts, recently named the only first team defensive and offensive player,” he begins saying about the league’s “Hottest Athlete of 2015.” “Her sleek body, haunting blue eyes and flowing blonde hair, Alberts is the prototypical LFL athlete.”

Someone actually wrote that down, then someone else signed off it, then this guy read it, then someone laid it over a highlight reel and another human being took the whole thing and posted it to YouTube, meaning that at no point did anyone say, “Hey guys, maybe we want to tone down the strip club DJ-thing.” To the LFL, this is a perfectly reasonable way to talk about a female athlete — regardless of their affiliation with a company that used to be called the “Lingerie Football League.” Needless to say, this video is fucking gross.

Oh, and how about this little misogynistic gem:

“Not only is she the hottest doctor you’ll ever see, but she’s the only player who will chug a beer with you!”

A doctor. This person is a doctor. Here’s what the sentence above sounds like to someone who doesn’t hate women: “Sure she spent years in medical school learning how to save lives, but that hasn’t stopped her from WOWIE KAZOWIE LOOK AT THOSE [honking noises]!”



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