There’s nothing Noble about King Noble

The Thoughts & Opinions of An Angry Black Woman

525075_186252931496575_1363198617_n King Noble

Earlier this year I was in a Facebook group created by King Noble, a self proclaimed, nail varnish wearing Black Sex God. Who likes to promote what he simply calls “nudity” in the midst of his teachings on Black Supremacy.  As I scrolled through the group I found a variety of pictures posted by Kingr Noble, usually of Black  women in  sexual positions (usually but not always NUDE) encouraging people to join his site where he promotes Black Supremacy and Rulership.

1094_315469291908271_1987499581_nI noticed one thing about King Noble and that is he like to use words like “nudity”, as opposed to “naked”, and eroctic as opposed to “sexual”. Giving the impression, that this is “Art”, and an expression of female body. This would be all good and well however from the postings and pictures I have been privvy too, I have to say the man promotes nothing more…

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